Stanley J. Weyman's Home and Memorial Photographs courtesy of  the Weyman family
Plas Llanrhydd was Stanley Weyman's home for nearly 33 years.  It was the home he chose after marrying Charlotte Panting and until he died in 1928.  Across from this estate is his church, St. Meugans, and the cemetery where he is buried.  When he moved to Llanrhydd Hall he said he was going "to grow books and cows, the former for profit and the later for pleasure".  It was a splendid life he led and a marvelous legacy that he gave to all of us.
Memorial dedicated by Lt. Colonel Arthur Weyman to his uncle on August 7th, 1955 in honor of the author's 100th birthday.
Plas Llanrhydd, home to Stanley Weyman
The memorial is displayed near the pew where Stanley Weyman sat during church.
St. Meugans and the Weyman gravesite.