Stanley Weyman's Short Stories and Bibliography


Contributed and Researched by Kenneth Hillier



November       My Scouts My Scouts                        [Chambers' Journal No. 672  pp. 721 - 723]



August                        Rhodostephane, or The Artist’s Revenge  [Belgravia, Vol.XLV  pp.215-219)



July                   King Pepin & Sweet Clive               [The Cornhill Magazine, New Series, Vol. I  pp. 97-112]

                                                                                     Illustrated by Gerald du Maurier

                        [ALSO in FTC, 1897; LL, 1907]

November       The Deanery Ball                              [The Cornhill Magazine, New Series, Vol. I  pp. 449-466]

                                                                                     Illustrated by W.S. Stacey.

                         It was the opening story in the month's issue.

                         [ALSO in FTC, 1897]

December        The Story of a Courtship                 [English Illustrated Magazine,  pp. 171-180]

                         [ALSO as "A Blore Manor Episode" in KS, 1891]



January             Butterfly and a Bookworm                          [The Cornhill Magazine, New Series, Vol. II  pp. 94-112]

                                                                                     Illustrated by W.S. Stacey.                                                                It was the last story in the month's issue.

February          The Professor & the Harpy               [The Cornhill Magazine, pp. 113-147]

                                                                                    Illustrated by R. Barnes.                                                                                 It was the opening story in the month's issue.                

                        [ALSO in FTC, 1897]

August            Archdeacon Holden's Tribulation  [The Cornhill Magazine, New Series, Vol. III  pp. 113-131]

                                                                                    Illustrated by P. Macnab.                                                                    It was the opening story in the month's issue.

August            Bab                                                     [English Illustrated Magazine,  pp. 700-710]

                        [ALSO as "In Cupid's Toils" in KS, 1891; as "When Love Calls" in WLC, 1899; as "Bab" in LL, 1907]



April                Mrs Wilmington's Garden Party     [The Cornhill Magazine, New Series, Vol. IV  pp. 386-404]

                                                                                     Illustrated by T.S. Cheeseman.

December        The Body-Birds of Court                 [English Illustrated Magazine,  pp. 148-157]  

                        [ALSO in KS, 1891, LL, 1907]



August            Miss Callogg of Callogg                    [The Cornhill Magazine, New Series,  Vol. VII  pp. 189-203]

November       Spanish Facts and English Fancies              [English Illustrated Magazine,  pp. 78-88]

                        Le Nommé W.                                               [Macmillan’s Magazine, Vol.LV  pp.199-206)          



March              Gerald                                                            [English Illustrated Magazine, pp. 418-425]

                        [ALSO as "The Fatal Letter" in KS, 1891; as "A Strange Invitation" in WLC, 1899; as "Gerald" in LL,                              1907]

??                     In the House with Galt                                  [Time, New Series, Vol.V  pp.447-460]

??                     A Party of Four                                             [Time, New Series, Vol.VI  pp.671-682]

November       The Man of Almonacid                                [The Cornhill Magazine New Series, Vol. IX; pp. 535-551]


July                  The Dean's Sister                              [The Cornhill Magazine New Series, Vol. XI; pp. 13-30]

August            Family Portraits                                [English Illustrated Magazine,  pp. 730-737]

                        [ALSO as "The Drift of Fate" in KS, 1891; as "The Invisible Portraits" in WLC, 1899;

                        as "Family Portraits" in LL, 1907]

December        The Other Englishman                                 [The Cornhill Magazine New Series, Vol. XI  pp. 591-610]

                        [ALSO in LL, 1907]



February          A Good Man's Dilemma                   [The Cornhill Magazine, Vol. XII  pp. 155-170]

                        [ALSO in LL, 1907]

                        The Fowl in the Pot                           [Temple Bar, Vol.LXXXV  pp.203-220]

July                  On an Old Book                                            [Macmillan’s Magazine, Vol.LX  pp.363-368]

October           Lady Betty's Indiscretion                 [The Cornhill Magazine, Vol. XIII  pp. 389-404]

                        [ALSO in LL, 1907]



February          Joanna's Bracelet                              [The Cornhill Magazine,  Vol. XIV  pp. 211-224]

                        [ALSO in LL, 1907]

March               Sefton's Servant                               [The Cornhill Magazine New Series, Vol. XIV; pp. 306-336]

May                 The Colonel's Boy                             [The Cornhill Magazine, Vol. XIV  pp. 541-560]

                         [ALSO in LL, 1907]

May                  For The Cause                                              [English Illustrated Magazine, pp. 588-601]

                        [ALSO in FTC, 1897; KB, 1902]

August                        A Perilous Amour                             [Temple Bar, Vol.LXXXIX  pp.533-548]

August 24       In the Name of the Law                                [Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper, p.6]

?? -1891          Marjorie’s Trial                                             [The Sunday at Home, Vol.38  pp.705……833]



January            Oliver Cromwell's Kinsfolk                          [The English Historical Review,  pp. 48-60]

April                The King’s Stratagem                                   [The Strand Magazine, Vol.1  pp.361-   ]      



??                     A Mean White at Trove                                [Copyright No.2245 January 13th 1892]

??                     Egyptian Sketches                             [Leisure Hour]

January            The Vicar's Secret                             [The Cornhill Magazine, Vol. XVIII  pp. 41-55]

                         [ALSO in LL, 1907]

May                  On Muleback in Morocco                [English Illustrated Magazine, pp. 614-624]



January            Through the Pyrenees in December            [English Illustrated Magazine,  pp. 256-268]

July                  The Snowball                                     [The Pall Mall Magazine, Vol.1  pp.492-504]

Oct/Nov          The Surgeon's Guest                                     [The Cornhill Magazine, Vol. XXI  pp. 431-448;  544-560]

??                     A Little Wizard                                             [The Leisure Hour]



March              Along the Garonne                           [English Illustrated Magazine  pp. 587-600]

                        [ALSO in WLC, 1899]



February          Caesar’s Cloak                                              [The Minster, Vol.I  No.2]



March 2-5        Flore                                                   [The New York Times]

Christmas        The House on the Wall                                 [The Graphic, Vol.LIV  pp.11-13]



Christmas        Hunt, the Owler                                 [The Graphic, Vol.LVI  pp.5,8



January            Memorial Sketch: James Payn, Editor        [The Cornhill Magazine pp.51-57]



January            Memorial Sketch: James Beresford Atlay [The Cornhill Magazine pp. 118-122]



April               Memorial Sketch: Frances Mary Peard      [The Cornhill Magazine pp.484-491]



February          Historical Study: The Lady With The Red Hair I (Elisabeth Percy, daughter of last Earl of                                           Northumberland (1667-1722) who became Duchess of Somerset)

                                                                                    [The Cornhill Magazine pp.149-162]


March              Historical Study: The Lady With The Red Hair II (Elisabeth Percy)                                                                                                                                [The Cornhill Magazine pp. 284-298]



May                 Historical Study: The Court Lady I (Lady Suffolk (1689-1767) and George II)

                                                                                    [The Cornhill Magazine No. 371 pp. 619-638]

June                 Historical Study: The Court Lady II (Lady Suffolk (1689-1767) and George II)

                                                                                    [The Cornhill Magazine No. 372 pp.748-765]






KS = The King's Stratagem, 1891 :  FTC = For The Cause, 1897 : WLC = When Love Calls, 1899;

KB = King's Byways, 1902.

W & R Chambers published Chambers' Journal

Macmillan [until 1892], Arnold [1893] Illustrated London News [1894ff.] published The English

Illustrated Magazine

Smith & Elder published The Cornhill Magazine



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